The Butterfly Wing®

In November of 2005, The Hospice of Baton Rouge opened the doors of The Butterfly Wing®,BRH 1000 Logos-B
the first inpatient unit in the Baton Rouge area. The Butterfly Wing® is an eight-bed facility housed at 3600 Florida Boulevard, Suite 1100 (located in Baton Rouge General Medical Center Midcity) that provides short-term supervised care for patients with acute needs.

Patients are eligible for the General Inpatient Level of Care when round-the-clock care is necessary to manage pain and control symptoms or treatments for a patient’s needs that cannot be reasonably provided at home. The Butterfly Wing® provides the same full range of medical, emotional, social and spiritual services our home care patients receive, in a setting that permits more intensive monitoring. As Kathryn Grigsby, our former CEO stated; “What’s new and wonderful is that we can care for them in our own place. The patients don’t have to go to a hospital. The Butterfly Wing® creates a warm, welcoming place that is a home away from home.”

To help patients and their families feel more at home, The Butterfly Wing® offers:

The Butterfly Wing®
3600 Florida Boulevard, Suite 1100
Baton Rouge, LA 70806