The Retreat at Quarters Lake

Hope for Healing Capital Campaign

The Retreat at Quarters Lake, by The Hospice of Baton Rouge, is intended to provide a tranquil environment and serve as a safe space for the children, teens and adults of Greater Baton Rouge to learn how to better cope with and process grief and loss beyond the traditional clinical counseling.

An All-Inclusive Grief Center

The Retreat at Quarters Lake will offer traditional grief and bereavement services, including individual counseling and grief support groups. In addition to traditional grief support services, The Retreat at Quarters Lake will also offer alternative, holistic therapies in order to ensure individuals - of any age - are able to process their grief effectively and in a supportive environment. Alternative therapies will include art therapy, music therapy, pet therapy, guided spiritual exercise, and grief yoga and meditative movement, to name a few. Listed below are the facilities The Retreat at Quarters Lake will host: 

  • All-Inclusive Grief Support Center
  • Administrative Building
  • Auditorium
  • Classrooms
  • Chapel
  • Pavilion
  • Counseling Rooms
  • Conference Room
  • Kitchen
  • Children’s Playground
  • Butterfly Garden

Community Engagement

Additionally, The Retreat at Quarters Lake will function as a dedicated educational hub, allowing for collaboration with other community organizations and stakeholders. As an Educational Center, The Hospice of Baton Rouge can help educate the community at-large on what grief entails, how it can present itself, and how various disciplines can work together to assist those bereaved individuals. Furthermore, The Retreat at Quarters Lake will be able to function as a permanent home for Camp Conquer, The Hospice of Baton Rouge’s ever-growing children’s supportive grief and loss programs.

    Design & Purpose

    The Retreat’s expansive green space will reflect a calming space that is both beautiful and functional. Able to accommodate a full range of counseling and educational needs, from individual to large groups, the site layout offers flexibility and convenience to adapt to many different programs and applications. 

    The modern design utilizes clean lines to bring a sense of order to those who are experiencing a lack of control and an increase in uncertainty. The use of glass throughout the structures allows for natural light which has been proven to improve moods and increase mental clarity.

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