The Butterfly Wing

Home Away From Home

In November of 2005, The Hospice of Baton Rouge opened the doors of The Butterfly Wing®, the first inpatient unit in the Baton Rouge area. A stay at The Butterfly Wing® is an option when patients need more acute care including symptom control and pain management in a closely monitored setting, 24/7.

Our Round-the-Clock Care Center

The Butterfly Wing® is an eight-bed facility located in Baton Rouge General Medical Center Midcity that provides short-term supervised care for patients with acute needs. Patients are eligible for the General Inpatient Level of Care when round-the-clock care is necessary to manage pain and control symptoms or treatments for a patient's needs that cannot be reasonably provided at home. The Butterfly Wing® provides the same full range of medical, emotional, social and spiritual services our home care patients receive, in a setting that permits more intensive monitoring.

“What’s new and wonderful is that we can care for them in our own place. The patients don’t have to go to a hospital. The Butterfly Wing® creates a warm, welcoming place that is a home away from home."

Former CEO Kathryn Grigsby
To help patients and their families feel more at home, The Butterfly Wing® offers:
  • Cozy, spacious rooms that include a hospital bed, pull-out sleeper chair, telephone and cable television.
  • A cheerful family room with television and sitting area to relax and visit.
  • A registered dietician who supervises menu preparation. Our kitchen is also stocked with snacks for our patients.
  • Open visiting hours, so loved ones and supervised pets may visit at any time.

A Full Team of Qualified Professionals Providing Continuous Care:
  • Registered Nurses
  • Certified Nursing Assistants
  • Hospice-trained Physicians
  • Social Workers
  • Chaplains
  • Trained Volunteers
  • Bereavement Counselors

The Butterfly Wing®
3600 Florida Boulevard, Suite 1100
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
225-381-2688 (fax)

"Thank you for the many gestures of support you have offered since the passing of my beloved spouse. Dr. Weaver, her discharging physician at the General, suggested that we discharge her into your care with the words: “It is the Hospice care I would have for my family”, and I can see why! Yours is one of the most caring entities I have ever dealt with. Heartfelt thanks.   As far as the Family Evaluation of Hospice Care survey is concerned, whatever the question, give yourself the highest marks. Special thanks for “A Guide Through Grief.” It was most helpful. I am beginning to rejoin the human race."

– Fondly, Hans W. Brandl