All About Grief

Grief Resources

Dealing with grief can be an overwhelming experience, and it is normal to feel lost and unsure of where to turn for support. That is why The Hospice of Baton Rouge has created this resource hub designed to help those who are navigating the grief journey.

When You Are Grieving

Losing someone you love can be an indescribable pain. Although it is impossible to avoid the intense feelings of grief, there are healthier methods to help you cope with your loss and come to terms with it.

When Someone You Love is Grieving

Do you know someone who is experiencing grief due to a loss? Discover appropriate ways to provide comfort and support during their bereavement period, and help them navigate the difficult emotions that come with coping with loss.

For Children and Teenagers

Comforting a child or teen who is grieving can be a challenging and sensitive task as children may struggle with expressing their emotions or comprehending their feelings, which can make it difficult to provide appropriate support.

Suggested Video for Children Experiencing Loss

The Sesame Workshop, with the help of Grover and his friends, addresses a range of issues that impact children's health and well-being, grief, and emotional well-being.

Suggested Websites to Help Children and Teenagers

The loss of a loved one can be especially challenging for children and teenagers. Fortunately, there are several websites available that offer support, resources, and a community for young people dealing with grief.

Videos To Help With Experiencing Grief

When experiencing the loss of a loved one, it can be a deeply painful and confusing time. Watching videos about grief can be a helpful way for young people to feel less alone in their experience and to learn coping strategies.

Writing Exercises for Those Experiencing Grief

Writing can be a powerful tool to help individuals cope with grief and process their emotions. Various writing exercises can help individuals express their feelings, memories, and thoughts about their loved one, providing a safe outlet for their grief. Writing can also help individuals find meaning and purpose in their loss, helping them move forward in their grief journey.

Podcasts for Those Experiencing Grief

Experiencing grief can be a challenging and isolating experience. Listening to podcasts about grief can provide a sense of comfort, validation, and understanding for those who are struggling to cope with their emotions.

Books for Those Experiencing Grief

Books about grief can provide comfort, advice, and solace to those navigating the grieving process. They offer a safe space to explore emotions, learn coping strategies, and find comfort in the experiences of others. Each of the titles mentioned are linked for purchase below.

Memorializing Your Loved One

Losing a loved one can be one of the most challenging experiences in life. Memorializing your loved one can be a way to honor their life and keep their memory alive. There are various ways to memorialize a loved one, and each method offers a unique way to remember and celebrate the life of your loved one.