Information on COVID-19

Dear Patients and Families of The Hospice of Baton Rouge,

We would like to take this opportunity to update you on The Hospice of Baton Rouge’s continued infection control efforts related to COVID-19 (coronavirus). Our leadership team including administrative nurses and physicians are closely monitoring the situation and are in contact with others across the state, with our local agencies and the CDC. We continue to educate all of our staff on proper protective equipment and safety and have employee policies in place that follow CDC guidance.

At this time, we continue to screen all of our employees for symptoms of COVID-19. Staff who screen positive for signs of respiratory illness will not be visiting patients or reporting to work. Please remember, that many people may be infected with the virus and may not have any symptoms, but are still able to get others sick with coronavirus. For your protection, and ours, we are continuing to wear protective items, such as masks, gloves and eye protection. We are also washing our hands or using alcohol-based hand rub. If anyone in your household becomes sick with coronavirus, we would wear additional protective equipment.

As this is a fluid situation and always changing, the best practice is for you, your caregivers and loved to wear face coverings while our staff makes their visits to your home. Cloth face coverings can be provided to you by our organization should you need them. Practice social distancing and keep more than 6 feet away during the time we are providing care/visit. If at any time you want to decline a visit by any member of our team, just notify our office or the team member when they contact you. Medicate does require a nurse visit for you to remain on hospice services. If any staff member presents to your home without proper protective equipment, please address it with them right away and notify our office immediately. Feel free to turn that employee away or ask them to leave if they are not wearing protective gear.

If a hospice employee who visits you becomes ill, you will be contacted by us in the event of true exposure as defined by the CDC. The CDC defines an actual exposure to be less than 6 feet away for more than 15 minutes without the infected person having a mask on. If you do receive a notification that this has happened, the recommendation is that the patient be monitored for symptoms, including fever, for 14 days after the date of exposure. The Hospice of Baton Rouge has COVID tests available. If patient presents with symptoms and the medical director gives an order to proceed, then the test will be administered. These tests are only for patients enrolled in hospice care.

We are doing the best that we can to prevent the transmission of this virus and it is our number one priority to keep you safe. Unfortunately, anyone who visits your home poses a potential risk.

Our team, like everyone else, is hopeful that a vaccine is on the horizon. Until then, we will do everything in our power to continue to provide care and support to you and your family.

Here is a list of some of our leadership team members in the event you need to discuss any concerns or have further questions:

  • Jeff Williams, Chief Operating Officer
  • Pauline Engolio, Compliance Officer and Infection Control
  • Sharon Edmonston, Human Resources

All of these employees, including myself, can be reached at our main hospice number 225-767-4673. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this unprecedented pandemic.

Catherine M. Schendel, CEO
The Hospice of Baton Rouge

Guidance for Home Care of People Not Requiring Hospitalization for Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19):


Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus Disease in Homes and Residential Communities: