Who Are The Hospice of Baton Rouge Volunteers?

The Hospice of Baton Rouge Volunteers are mature, non-judgmental, caring individuals supportive of the hospice concept of care. They are willing to serve others and may do so once appropriately oriented and trained. Volunteers who are qualified to provide professional services must meet all standards associated with their specialty area.

What Do The Hospice of Baton Rouge Volunteers Do?

Volunteers have many responsibilities. Some of these include:

What Does The Hospice of Baton Rouge Volunteer Training Cover?

Volunteers receive appropriate training that is facilitated by the Volunteer Coordinator, which includes the following:


Volunteers are a necessary and integral part of our organization. Volunteers provide patient care and support services according to their experience and training. They must be in compliance with The Hospice of Baton Rouge policies and cooperate under the supervision of the Volunteer Coordinator.

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