Pet Peace of Mind®

puppy-loveBecause of the respect demonstrated by The Hospice of Baton Rouge for the human animal bond, we have received a grant from Pet Peace of Mind® to help defray the costs associated with pet care and to help relieve some of the stress associated with providing daily pet care needs during the patient’s end-of-life journey. This service is offered only to non-profit hospice agencies, such as The Hospice of Baton Rouge.

The following are some of the services available exclusively for pet-owning patients and caregivers of The Hospice of Baton Rouge:

The Hospice of Baton Rouge also respects the patient-physician relationship. Therefore, if a hospice patient has already established a relationship with a veterinarian (DVM), The Hospice of Baton works with that DVM to ensure the pet’s needs are met. However, if the patient’s pet does not have an assigned DMV, we will facilitate efforts to oversee the pet’s care.

To request Pet Peace of Mind (PPOM) Services, simply call 225.767.4673 and ask for the PPOM Coordinator. Once your request has been made, the PPOM Coordinator will: