Family Stories

Comments from Our Families

Thank you for the many gestures of support you have offered since the passing of my beloved spouse. Dr. Weaver, her discharging physician at the General, suggested that we discharge her into your care with the words: “It is the Hospice care I would have for my family”, and I can see why! Yours is one of the most caring entities I have ever dealt with. Heartfelt thanks.   As far as the Family Evaluation of Hospice Care survey is concerned, whatever the question, give yourself the highest marks. Special thanks for “A Guide Through Grief.” It was most helpful. I am beginning to rejoin the human race.
Fondly, Hans W. Brandl

Since I work in a retirement community in Gonzales, I have met a lot of people working in Hospice. I am a firm believer in their desire to help people pass away with grace, dignity, with family all around. I wish more people knew the true way to a peaceful passing of their loved one. I can’t thank you enough for your help! God bless all of you! – Frances Moreau


To The Butterfly Wing®

Thank you very much for your caring employees that took care of my sister. All of you treated my sister with respect and made her last days easier to go through for me. I know my sister was thankful too. Thank you also for the card you sent me. It meant more than you will ever know. I want to thank you again for everything you did to make my sister’s last days the best they could be. – Always, Ava Cuevas

From the initial meeting with the social worker to my arrival at The Butterfly Wing® with my mother, I knew this was a special place. We were made to feel like we were at home and my mother was constantly attended to in the most gentle manner. I could not think of a better place for her to spend her last few days on earth. Like the butterfly, she was released to go to God. Please accept our thanks and gratitude for the special treatment my mother and family received. – Lynn B. Ebeyer

I am writing to you to commend the stellar performance of all the staff of the The Butterfly Wing® during the recent stay of my father who passed away there on April 24th. All of the staff were professional, sympathetic and helpful to an extraordinary degree. From my initial consultation with Dr Mason to Karen Girardot facilitating the paperwork to the care provided by Tonya, Renee, Zhanna and the other nurses and nurses’ aides, the experience was overwhelmingly positive in what were extremely difficult circumstances. I thought you should be aware of the outstanding performance by your staff. They made my father’s final days as peaceful and dignified as possible, and my family and I will never forget their kindness and professionalism.– Robert

Thank you so much for such loving and kind service. We live in a day and time when such is rare and I cherish the dignity and gentle touch you all provided for the both of us.- Lyn Stone

“I have been singing the praises of The Butterfly Wing® to all who will listen. What a wonderful gift for this community! Your staff is excellent. They were able to control his pain and anxiety. We, as a family, were very comfortable. I am so very thankful that The Butterfly Wing® was there for us! – Ann Miller